netapi modules

Introduction to netapi modules

netapi modules provide API-centric access to Salt. Usually externally-facing services such as REST or WebSockets, XMPP, XMLRPC, etc.

In general netapi modules bind to a port and start a service. They are purposefully open-ended. A single module can be configured to run as well as multiple modules simultaneously.

netapi modules are enabled by adding configuration to your Salt Master config file and then starting the salt-api daemon. Check the docs for each module to see external requirements and configuration settings.

Communication with Salt and Salt satellite projects is done using Salt's own Python API. A list of available client interfaces is below.


Prior to Salt's 2014.7.0 release, netapi modules lived in the separate sister projected salt-api. That project has been merged into the main Salt project.

Client interfaces

Salt's client interfaces expose executing functions by crafting a dictionary of values that are mapped to function arguments. This allows calling functions simply by creating a data structure. (And this is exactly how much of Salt's own internals work!)

class salt.netapi.NetapiClient(opts)

Provide a uniform method of accessing the various client interfaces in Salt in the form of low-data data structures. For example:

>>> client = NetapiClient(__opts__)
>>> lowstate = {'client': 'local', 'tgt': '*', 'fun': '', 'arg': ''}
local(*args, **kwargs)

Run execution modules synchronously

See salt.client.LocalClient.cmd() for all available parameters.

Sends a command from the master to the targeted minions. This is the same interface that Salt's own CLI uses. Note the arg and kwarg parameters are sent down to the minion(s) and the given function, fun, is called with those parameters.

Returns:Returns the result from the execution module
local_async(*args, **kwargs)

Run execution modules asynchronously

Wraps salt.client.LocalClient.run_job().

Returns:job ID
local_batch(*args, **kwargs)

Run execution modules against batches of minions

New in version 0.8.4.

Wraps salt.client.LocalClient.cmd_batch()

Returns:Returns the result from the exeuction module for each batch of returns
runner(fun, timeout=None, **kwargs)

Run runner modules <all-salt.runners> synchronously

Wraps salt.runner.RunnerClient.cmd_sync().

Note that runner functions must be called using keyword arguments. Positional arguments are not supported.

Returns:Returns the result from the runner module
wheel(fun, **kwargs)

Run wheel modules synchronously

Wraps salt.wheel.WheelClient.master_call().

Note that wheel functions must be called using keyword arguments. Positional arguments are not supported.

Returns:Returns the result from the wheel module